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shutto翻訳 is a combination of automatic translation, professional translation, and self-translation functions.
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shutto翻訳 is chosen 3 reasons

Supports over 100 languages worldwide

Supports over 100 languages worldwide

Automatic translation, self-editing function supports over 100 languages worldwide, so you can basically translate any language. Professional translation is planned to further expand the number of languages mainly in the Asia-ASEAN region.

Multilingualize various sites

Multilingualize various sites

Regardless of static content or dynamic content, you can translate all web pages and sites that output HTML, such as blogs, EC sites, member sites, forms, and search sites.

Intuitive editing is possible!

Intuitive editing is possible!

You can intuitively edit text and replace images while looking at the site preview screen after translation, so you don't need special site development skills.

At "ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter",
Received 2 categories of "LEADER", the highest rating for recognition and satisfaction!

In the "Web site translation category" , we have been awarded "LEADER" for 16 consecutive years since 2019.
  • Recommended translation service for multilingualization at low cost.

    Recommended translation service for multilingualization at low cost.

    There is a free trial period, so you can start introducing it after confirming the operation feeling. Translation is semi-automatic and can be set while checking each sentence. Of course, you can set the translation at once without checking. Images can also be replaced. (You need to make the translated image by yourself.) You can make an English site in a really short time by using shutto翻訳 rather than making an English site while actually translating.

  • Customizable Translation Tool

    Customizable Translation Tool

    Machine translation tool. You can automatically translate the site text file into the specified language. It features high quality translations and a great deal of customization. Customization is particularly useful, for example, if you can output a post-translational site in such a way that the site is indexed by an overseas search engine, or if you don't like the nuances of translation, you can manually make partial corrections. The point which can be done is very good.

  • If you want to make the translation site easy, this is it!

    If you want to make the translation site easy, this is it!

    If you want to make an English translation of a homepage made in 日本語, it is easy to make, so I recommend the double circle.

  • Revolutionary translation tool

    Revolutionary translation tool

    I wanted to create an English version of the 日本語 page and used it. In advancing the multilingualization of websites, I tried using machine translation functions such as Google, but strange expressions are conspicuous even for amateurs. In that respect, shutto did not have any obvious unnaturalness in the translated expression. Also, although I don't use anything other than English, I feel that the point is that it supports multiple languages.

  • Batch Translation of Websites with High Accuracy Translation

    Batch Translation of Websites with High Accuracy Translation

    Image replacement is also possible, so there is no problem if you have a multilingual version of 日本語 images that make you feel uncomfortable. One-on-one translation is possible, so it is easy to modify. It is very easy to introduce to the site, the button to select the translation language is also very simple, and it does not overlap with the elements of the site, so it is designed to be friendly to both users and site visitors.

  • UI easy to understand and use

    UI easy to understand and use

    It is a generic product as a product in this field, but the UI is well built in, and it is easy to understand and use. This is easier to use and cheaper than the comparable product W.

  • Anyway from installation to operation

    Anyway from installation to operation

    Instantly translate your homepage into your desired language. I compared it with other companies, but it is very convenient to be able to publish in my own domain (SEO effect), SSL support, googleAnalytics equipment, css adjustment, image replacement, customization of translation target. It is easy to understand by setting the price based on the number of pages instead of the number of characters and PV. The user dictionary (glossary) is not managed for each language, so it is very convenient when using multiple languages.

  • We can translate WEB site easily

    We can translate WEB site easily

    There is also a machine translation function such as Google, etc. in promoting multilingualization of the web site, but it may be a translation that is hard to understand for native people. In that respect, the strength of being able to ask for the multilingualization of the WEB site as a whole is that the professional can do translation work and the layout can be adjusted here.


Machine translation for over 100 languages
Machine translation for over 100 languages

By using machine translation as a base, real-time translation can be realized even for sites with high update frequency, and multilingual operation can be realized at lower costs than when operating sites for each language separately.

Easy to request human translation from professional translators
Easy to request human translation from professional translators

If you want to request a translator, you can do everything from the estimate, ordering, and site reflection on the management screen. You can easily order only the desired text.

Editable while viewing the translation result
Editable while viewing the translation result

You can easily edit translated text, replace images and URLs, hide parts, and even add HTML and CSS while viewing the preview screen.

Dictionary registration of desired words
Dictionary registration of desired words

If you register proper nouns such as company names, brand names, place names, and personal names as dictionary words in advance, machine translation will be performed referring to the dictionary, and the translation of the words will be automatically reflected on all pages.

Customized language display
Customized language display

The language displayed on the site can be automatically switched according to the language of the browser used by the site viewer. You can also customize the language switcher bar to suit your site.

Automatically translate additional pages and updates
Automatically translate additional pages and updates

Even if a page is added on the original site or there is an update in the page, it will be automatically machine translated. In addition, operations such as automatic replacement of pages that have not been accessed for a certain period of time are possible.

Overseas SEO measures
Overseas SEO measures

To allow search engines to index the translated state of the page, you can generate the page and give it a domain. You can also use your own domain as an option.

Integration with Google Analytics
Integration with Google Analytics

By linking with Google Analytics, you can measure "number of sessions" and "number of PV" by language on Google Analytics.

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Price list

The initial cost is 0 yen for all plans.
You can start from 6,000 yen per month! Easy-to-understand monthly fixed fee structure

Monthly usage fee6,000 yen (6,600 yen including tax)30,000 yen (33,000 yen including tax)60,000 yen (66,000 yen including tax)
Number of pages supported~100~5,000~10,000
characters limit/monthHalf a million2.5 million5 million
Number of registered words in dictionary1,0001,0001,000
Number of languages usedTenTenTen
Pro TransrationFrom 10 yen/character (The unit price varies depending on the target language.)
Overseas search engine functionAvailable (In order to use the desired domain, an additional monthly charge is required for each plan.)

Optional fee


Pro Transration

You can request translation from a professional translator on a text-by-text or page-by-page basis. From payment to reflection of translation can be done consistently on the management screen.

From 10 yen / character * The unit price varies depending on the translation destination language.

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Overseas search engine function Original domain setting

If you wish to use a domain suitable for your site with the overseas search engine function, the following monthly additional charge will be required for each plan.

Entry plan 3,300 yen (tax included)
Basic plan 16,500 yen (tax included)
Business plan 33,000 yen (tax included)

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Option to add the number of dictionary registrations

Please consider if you wish to register a dictionary in more than 1000 languages.

Add 500 words 3,850 yen (tax included)
Add 1,000 words 6,050 yen (tax included)
Add 1,500 words 8,250 yen (tax included)
Add 2,000 words 10,450 yen (tax included)

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Option to add the number of languages used

Please consider if you want to select more than 11 languages to translate.

11-15 languages 22,000 yen (tax included)

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characters option

Please consider when the characters limit for each plan is exceeded.
Additional 500,000 characters 22,000 yen (tax included)

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  • The contract is 1 domain 1 contract. (Subdomains are treated as separate domains.)
  • You can choose the contract period from 6 to 12 months.
  • Payment will be billed in a lump sum for the contract period in the month of application.
  • The payment method is credit card payment.
  • The contract will be automatically renewed, and if you do not wish to renew, please complete the procedure one month before the contract expiration month.
  • Sites that exceed 50 million page views per month or sites that are updated extremely frequently may incur additional charges. Please contact us for more information.

Introduction video

Flow to contract


account registration

Please enter the information required to register for an account. You can try the shutto翻訳 feature for free for 30 days.


Account verification

Please access the URL provided in the confirmation email to complete the account registration.


Tag installation

Please set a tag on the site and turn on the automatic publishing function on the management screen.



It will be published automatically after the correspondence in step 3 is completed.


Verification period

The verification period is 30 days after the account is issued. We will send you a confirmation email about one week before the end of the trial.


This agreement

Please follow the procedure for this contract from the management screen. * The upper limit will be changed according to each plan. * There is no automatic transition to this contract.

Frequently asked questions when considering usage

Q. What happens if the page limit is exceeded?

For example, if the upper limit page is 5,000 pages, since the 5,001 page is not registered in the management screen, the language switching bar will not be displayed on the target page and the original language will remain.

Q. When is the contract start date / billing start date?

The contract start date is the application date, but the accounting start date will be from the 1st of the following month. Payment plan can be used for free up to 30 days for free.

Q. Where is the installation tag installed?

Please put it in the head tag of all pages to be translated. When head tag is described in common file, it is convenient to describe it in common file. Introduction tags can also be placed in the body tag, but it is outside the guarantee of operation.

Q. Can you also translate development environment sites?

Yes, you can also translate the development environment site. Since there are no domain-based input restrictions on the shutto翻訳 management screen, you can also translate the development environment site within your contract account. If access is restricted by IP address on your site, you can use shutto翻訳 by setting the following IP address of shutto翻訳 to allow.
shutto翻訳 IP address / and
In addition, access restrictions for Basic authentication can be used by entering the authentication ID and PASSWORD in the edit screen.

Q. Is it possible to add a directory (eg / en /) to a multilingual page URL?

It is possible. For example, if you prepare a directory for overseas pages and set the processing by setting with canonical tag or .htaccess, I think that it is possible to deal with it. However, depending on the content of the support, it may be necessary to set the server separately on the customer side, and it is difficult to provide accurate guidance. Therefore, shutto翻訳 does not recommend setting the directory. Therefore, if you are considering using it, please be aware of the above and make the settings.

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We would like to introduce the voices of customers who use shutto翻訳.

Yamaya Industry Co., Ltd.

It is easy to set up, translation can be done immediately, and costs can be kept down. Yamatani Sangyo Co., Ltd.'s "Mura no Kajiya Honten" site, which sells metal processing products manufactured in the Tsubamesanjo area and self-developed outdoor and cooking utensils on EC...

First Cabin HD Co., Ltd.

This is an introduction example of First Cabin, which offers a compact hotel with the image of first class on an airplane. As a measure for overseas SEO, a unique domain option for overseas search engine compatible functions, a language switching bar...

Sakura Information Systems Co., Ltd.

shutto翻訳 year-end adjustment easier and easier for users of other languages You can set the translation only for the necessary parts, and you can rest assured about security. Users of the year-end tax adjustment cloud service "Year-end tax adjustment web report" for companies...

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Nagoya International Center

It is possible to find 日本語 classes in Nagoya City, which are operated by the Nagoya International Center, which was established as a public facility in Nagoya City in 1984 with the aim of promoting the internationalization of the region. A site where you can...

CAMBIO Co., Ltd.

You can use shutto翻訳 at the official online shop of "CAMBIO", a select brand comprehensive mail order site that collects men's brands centering on the original brand "CAMBIO"! Shu...

Cross Effect Co., Ltd.

Achieve multilingual support at a lower cost. Disseminate the power of manufacturing domestically and internationally! This is an introduction example of Cross Effect Co., Ltd., a manufacturing manufacturer. Automatic translation publishing function, automatic page registration function, language switching bar customization, etc...


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Currently, shutto翻訳 is offering a Get started for FREE for 30 days for free.
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