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Contents Recommend
"Contents Recommend (コンテンツレコメンド)" is based on the recommendation engine which we we have services provided in 2010, it is a further recommendation service with enhanced stability. It is widely used by sites that have a large amount of information such as media, universities, local governments, hospitals, real estate, and finance and are used by multiple targets.
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"さぶみっと!レコメンド" has the No. 1 share of the recommendation service in Japan!
It boasts a track record of installation in over 1,700 sites. Analyze the user's browsing and purchase history and display the most suitable information. In addition to increasing the number of visitors to the site and increasing CV, there are also functions that contribute to repeat visits! Please feel the recommendation effect of 120% increase in sales.
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Specialized MA tool for dropping baskets CART RECOVERY
[Free initial campaign! Until 7/31]
Easily reduce lost opportunities due to abandoned carts!
It comes with an "abandoned cart email" feature that strongly reminds customers who have abandoned their cart, and an "abandoned cart remarketing ad" feature that allows you to approach new customers. Because it can appeal in a hybrid way, it is possible to approach effectively.
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Affordable price and easy-to-use screen make it easy to install and distribute even for first-time customers!
E-mail newsletter " さぶみっと!メール配信" starting from 900 yen per month.
It is widely used by customers in various industries and business formats, from individual customers to large companies.
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The industry's lowest price mail delivery system "API Mail", which is premised on API linkage, is a mechanism that directly links the customer's database and delivery system with API for delivery. Free design such as list management and cleaning is possible, greatly reducing the time and effort of operation.
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shutto translation
Make multilingual communication easier.
Multilingualize your website in as little as 3 minutes with a combination of automatic translation, professional translation and self-editing. Various functions such as dictionary function and content editing function can be flexibly multilingualized.
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Realize one-to-one marketing using LINE and contribute to engagement with LINE users!
By connecting with LINE official accounts, you can extend and centrally manage message delivery according to user attributes and one-on-one chat functions.
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"DATA CAST" combines various data such as member information, purchase data, and behavior data held on the EC site, and delivers scenario mails, follow-up mails, and LINEs that match the content and timing of each customer. Achieve optimal communication with customers.
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